The Immigration Problem

by Political Charade

May 18, 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were free to go and live anywhere in the world that you wanted to? No questions, procedures, fences, borders, etc.- if you wanted to go somewhere, you would simply just go. If you were bored with where you live, if you wanted to experience something new, or if your neighborhood was undesirable, you could simply pack your bags and leave, free to relocate to where you thought the grass was greener.

Of course, the reality is that territories need immigration rules to help keep threats out and to prevent sudden overpopulations that the economy might not be able to support. It should be fair to say that current residents should not have to suffer any criminal or terrorist threats that might sneak into the area. The same current residents, wild animals included, should also not have to suffer any food, water, economical, or space shortages because there are too many people being densely crammed into an area.

Does this mean that countries should have the right to block anyone from entering their world? Is there something inhumane about preventing people from immigrating to better lands? After all, most countries were built upon the backs of immigrants, and most immigrants are either trying to meet up with loved ones or simply fleeing areas where their survival is not guaranteed.

Here in the USA, there is an immigration revolution happening. Ever since Trump got into the presidential office, he has tried twice to implement a Muslim ban. He has indeed helped pass a budget that would fund new wall improvements along the US-Mexican border. He has also given ICE (The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) more power to deport illegal immigrants. The country that was once a symbol of hope to those in need is now closing its doors to the world.

Immigration Luck

Philosophers will tell you that life is an act of pure luck. During the complete existence of the universe, the odds of you being born now are staggering. Those odds increase when you factor in the family you were born into as well as the location of the world where you were born. Depending on your luck, you might have been born into a wealthy family, you might have been born into an average family, you might have been born into a poor family. Additionally, you might have been born into an area where resources and government are good, fair, or poor. Maybe you were even born into a country during war.

So, imagine that you were born into a poor region, like so many other people in this world. You have no money, no jobs, some days you go without food, the water is dirty, and maybe you might be sleeping in the dirt. To make matters worse, you’re surrounded by war and violence, and every day is a battle not to be attacked. How exactly would you be able to appropriate the means to move to a better place? After all, there are fees to pay, IDs to procure, and time to spend waiting. If you were homeless, with family starving to death, and a terrorist group was heading your way carrying a bullet with your name, what would you be willing to do to get away?

Thus, is it any wonder that people sneak into better countries? Sure, when they come over it is an illegal action, but maybe it’s the process that is creating the surge for such acts of desperation? Many times, I have heard the argument, “Why should I let someone into my house?” and while this is a fair argument for personal security and possession, the argument becomes moot when the rest of the world is starving and your “house” is the only place with food.

A Reasonable Immigration Solution

We need a better system. Every country does, in fact. One that can speed up the immigration process while simultaneously vetting every individual that immigrates to a new territory. First, it should have different levels of processing depending on the situation. For those who are not in danger, they can apply, pay the fees, and, once cleared, they can move in good time. For those in danger, they can immediately enter the territory, but they will be placed into a “safe” zone. While in this zone, they will be free from harm, sheltered and cared for, but they will not be able to leave until they have passed vetting. If cleared, they can enter the territory and apply for a visa. If it is discovered that they have either a criminal background or criminal intent, then they will either be jailed and/or returned to whence they came.

Second, fees should be reasonable. Who really believes it makes sense to expect a destitute immigrant to gather a ridiculously large amount of money to pay a ridiculously large amount in fees? Fees should be affordable with the poor in mind. As an alternative, an immigrant can apply for a government loan, which they can use to pay their application fees. Obviously, once the immigrant is processed and allowed entrance, they can be helped to find work and pay off the loan. In this way, they contribute to society and the government makes money from both the application fees and the loan. If the immigrant goes delinquent on the loan, then they are removed from the country.

And third, for immigrants who are in the country illegally, there needs to a be a mandatory registry, so we know who they are. Registering does not mean they will be deported; it is only for documentation purposes. However, any illegal immigrant who is caught breaking the law and is not registered will be subject to deportation. This will help ensure that those who are here obeying our laws and wish to stay will make sure to register.

Once they are in the system, they can be reviewed case by case. Special circumstances, such as DACA recipients (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), refugee, or other victims of abuse will be given the opportunity to apply for a visa. Immigrants who have overstayed their visas will have an opportunity to renew their visa. Immigrants who have entered illegally will have the opportunity to have their cases reviewed by a judge. In all cases, those who are proven to be of good character and background will receive an opportunity to apply for a visa. Those who are found to be criminal, terrorist, or abusing the visa program will be jailed and/or removed from the territory.

That being said, what defines criminal activity for illegals needs to be clarified. For example, illegal immigrants who use fake IDs to feed, cloth, and shelter themselves and their families should not be defined as criminals but can be charged with a misdemeanor. Illegals who drive without licenses because they have no access to get one can be charged with a misdemeanor. Immigrants charged with misdemeanors should pay a reasonable fee and should not be subject to deportation.


Humankind is a long way off from realizing that although we are all very different, we are still the same. It is terrific that everyone has their own unique personality, traits, intelligence, creativity, and story to tell. That is what makes every one of us interesting. But remember, in the end, we are all human, living on the same rock we call Earth, our one and only universal home.


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