Is The USA Really As Great As We Think?

Something has been troubling me about the USA for quite some time: Brainwashing. Every country does it to some extent. North Korea seems to be the leader at brainwashing. Nearly all of its citizens are brainwashed from birth until death, believing that Kim Jong-Un is a god, that everything he does is for their benefit, and that citizens must devote their lives to his cause. But North Korea isn’t the only brainwashing country on the planet. In fact, I could find examples of brainwashing for every country in the world…… including the USA.

We believe without question that the USA is the best country on the planet, with the best constitution, the best troops, the best opportunities, and the best freedoms. So why does it sometimes feel like that’s not always true?

I’m a Millennial, born in the early 80’s. In school I said my pledge-of-allegiance every day. I was a good student, and I believed in the American dream that lay before me. I believed I would one day have a good education, get a good job, make some money, find a wife, and buy a house. So I continued down the path, just like everyone else.

So why was it so hard for me when I graduated from high school and I didn’t feel smart or prepared for the world? Why was I so surprised when I had so much college debt? Why was I surprised when I couldn’t find a good job and was barely making my apartment rent?

Why was I so surprised to learn that most US citizens are in the same situation? Why are US citizens getting stupider and more careless when we should have the best educational system in the world? Why are citizens getting fatter, more lethargic, and dying when we should have the best healthcare system in the world? Why is there still so much hatred and racism left in the USA, the one place in the world where it isn’t supposed to be? Why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in the land of opportunity?

The answer is simple: Volume.

Most of the time, the world’s largest countries are unfairly compared to smaller ones. Why can’t the US have free tuition when it’s so easy for Norway, Sweden, and Slovenia to do? Why can’t the US offer free healthcare when Spain, Canada, and Australia have it? Why can’t the US have good healthy food when in France the children’s poorest schools get better food than a US 4-star restaurant? Why can’t the US fix its homeless problem when Denmark has less than 0.1 percent of homeless people?

Volume. It’s easier for a smaller country to do these things. It is easier to keep track of all the things that need to be tracked, and easier to govern prices. If you were to take the same methods used by these smaller countries that offer these superior systems and then blow them up proportionally to the size of the USA, then the same system would fall apart. For example, the free healthcare system in Norway with a population of 5 million wouldn’t work when used on the USA population of 326 million.

There is no other country like the USA. It is the third largest in the world, offering the most freedoms, the most opportunities, and the absolute best and biggest army in the world. Because of these facts, the rest of the world often claims that we are a bully, fighting with other countries in an effort to take over the world and push our beliefs onto others. The reality is that the US could take over the world, with few countries being able to stop us. The fact that the US won’t do this, that we would rather use our military to protect less fortunate countries, and that we would rather donate to less fortunate countries, helps prove that this is a great nation. How many other countries can say that? What would Russia, China, or North Korea do if they had the same size army and funding as the US with no opposition?

To help put it in perspective, imagine if you were a teenager with only $200 in your pocket, no friends or family, and you were being deported to any country of your choice- Which country would you choose? Where in the world can a poor teenager access 2-3 jobs, go to school, start a business, pay off their debt, buy a house, start a family, travel, speak their mind, challenge the government, and retire a millionaire? The USA isn’t perfect, and it’s taken me a long time to accept this. We still have a lot of issues, and there will always be things the government needs to fix. That’s what happens when a large country with so many moving parts evolves over time. Just remember that the USA is great at absorbing and encouraging new ideas. What other country is able to do so with the same amount of hurdles that the US has? For all of these reasons, that is why the US is still the best.


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